Service Commitment

100% customer satisfaction is what drives our company. Our management staff is familiar with all aspects of production services. From the bidding stage to the production stage we have the expertise to ensure the project is being produced in the most cost effective and efficient manner. The familiarity of our staff allows open communication from top to bottom resulting in the highest quality product produced. We have always strived to provide solutions rather than excuses. We are proud of the fact that we have never mailed a job late.

The entire management staff has worked together in the Direct Mail industry for over 20 years. Most of our key employees have been with us since our inception in 1998.

Our unique qualification ties into our mission statement – to do it right, do it on time, everytime. We are unique in that we do not have a sales force often competing with each other to bring volume. We are focused on working with those clients we can best serve and become part of their team. Because of this, we have the nimbleness to accommodate fluctuations in volume, changes in schedule and detailed mail campaigns. Because we have intentionally kept our company at the size we are, we can retain control and awareness throughout management of what is going on in the shop. Every job is scheduled in each department by hours needed and equipment needed to make the maildate. Management meets twice daily to ensure that schedules are being adhered to. If and when problems arise they all work together to solve whatever problem is presented. Because of the way we do scheduling we do have the flexibility to move jobs around to accommodate unforeseen issues such as data coming later than planned.

Organization Devoted To Services Rendered

We are a full service production facility. Customer Service will be the main point of contact however, our entire staff will be devoted to providing the quality and production services required. As we do not have a sales force to fall back on it is imperative that the reputation of Image Direct remains unblemished.

Image Direct is always looking for long term relationships with our clients. Our management staff is always available to our clients for any reason. Our vision to serve the mailing community with ease and exceptional service is what benefits our clients most. We are committed to providing the highest degree of service and the highest quality product at affordable prices, and more importantly, on time, everytime. Our ability to partner with our clients, and to fully immerse ourselves in their programs enable us to achieve our goals, which are your goals.

Competitive Advantage

By eliminating the various management levels with most Direct Mail production companies we can give fast and accurate answers to any and all questions concerning your job.

Our management meetings are productive and result in strategic information which is passed to our customers to help ensure that all job requirements are met or provide alternate paths which can solve any unforeseen problems.

Most companies say it but your mail date is probably more important to us than it is even to you. Our entire staff takes great pride in stating that Image Direct has never missed a mail date. We notify all customers of each date requirement in writing prior to beginning any job and then update each job daily with our production staff as well as our clients. The better the communication between client and vendor the better we are able to handle any unforeseen circumstances as they arise.